Woman Killed during Police Chase was Wanted for Forgery

In Idaho, a woman that was shot and killed by state police had a troubled criminal history. Reports indicate that the woman's legal problems included theft and dealings with illegal drugs.

This week, 40 year old Christie A. Little was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a chase and crash with an Idaho State Police patrol care. The driver of the vehicle, 24 year old Mark Maykopet, is now facing felony charges as a result of the chase. At this time, he remains in jail in lieu of bail.

Court records show that Little was wanted at the time of the chase for a felony forgery charge. She had been charged with committing forgery back in April 2010 and had pled not guilty to the felony offense. Little was supposed to go to trial on October 25th, but she never showed up in court and remained wanted by law enforcement.

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