Pair Charged with Murder and Burglary in Phoenix

The Associated Press has reported that police officers in Phoenix have booked a man and a woman on murder and burglary charges after a double shooting in the city.

According to officers, 26-year-old Rene Enrique Durgin and 31-year-old Patricia Mayhorn committed criminal offenses last week. Police say the pair robbed a car wash at gunpoint on Thursday evening before they were spotted by authorities driving 70 mph at 1:00 AM on Friday. Authorities didn't pursue the car because it was going so fast that it crashed into a light pole nearby.

After the crash, the pair fled to a nearby home where they shot a 52-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman who were inside the residence. The man was killed and the woman was critically injured. Police arrested the suspects inside of the home and took the woman to the hospital. Both Durgin and Mayhorn were booked on charges of attempted murder, burglary and first-degree murder.

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