Federal Crime FAQ

Federal Crime FAQ

Answers from a Phoenix Federal Crime Attorney

Q: I have been charged with a drug charge, but it is in federal court. Is this a huge problem?

A: Federal court is a different system than state court. The personnel are usually more highly qualified and the investigative arms that can be used include the FBI, CIA, ATF and so on. These are some of the most motivated and dedicated law enforcement personnel in the USA. When facing charges in federal court, it would serve your best interests to contact an Arizona federal crimes defense attorney. This way you know that your attorney is familiar with federal court and can work within that system effectively. A federal drug charge is very serious, and the penalties are generally higher than they would be in state court.

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Q: What kinds of federal charges can Knowles Law Firm, PLC help me with?

A: Phoenix Criminal Attorney Anthony Knowles is a skilled criminal defense attorney. The charges that you can be assisted with include:

Q: I was charged with a federal crime that I didn’t commit. Law enforcement seems to be sure that I did. Is there any hope that I will be exonerated?

A: You have good reason to be concerned. The federal prosecutor and law enforcement consider that you are guilty and will be working hard to ensure that you are convicted. In such a case you really need the support of a seasoned trial lawyer who knows how to handle a case that is wrongly heading towards a conviction. No case is perfect, and the flaws must be found in order to successfully defend you. In such a case, it is crucial that you contact Attorney Anthony Knowles without delay.

Q: Isn’t a real criminal defense attorney expensive?

A: You have to evaluate for yourself what you consider to be worth the money. Often the fines owed on a conviction far outweigh anything that you might pay an attorney who can successfully defend you. Then there is the aspect of spending time in federal prison if you are convicted. These are all real concerns, and in fact you may discover that it isn’t as costly as you expect. In your best interests, you should call Attorney Anthony Knowles and find out for yourself. It is probably a lot less than you are expecting.

Q: I was forced by someone else to commit a crime I didn’t want to do. What can I do?

A: This is exactly the type of scenario that could use the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. When someone is forced by fear of violence or other retribution to commit a crime, there could be a compelling defense for you in court. Contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC to have your case reviewed and it can be determined how to proceed.

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