Traffic Fatalities Increase During Spring Break, Study Suggests

At colleges across the country, Spring Break is in full effect. That means many college towns and areas with warm weather see an influx of younger people looking to let off some steam. As new research from the University of Miami reveals, free time for college students during Spring Break may present a real danger for local residents - particularly on the road.

Here’s how the study started: A University of Miami health economist was traveling near the school during Spring Break when he noticed a considerable amount of distracted drivers on the road. As Miami is a popular Spring Break hotspot, many of these motorists were younger, college-aged people. Based on his observations, he took the initiative to test his theory that Spring Break could potentially cause a spike in car accidents.

Here are key points about the study:

  • Researchers analyzed and compared traffic crash data in 14 of the country’s most popular Spring Break destinations. They found that - on average across all 14 locations - there was a 9% increase in traffic fatalities during Spring Break. The middle of March saw the largest impact on traffic safety.
  • During Spring Break, auto collisions and traffic citations involved more young and out-of-town motorists than during other times of year. Researchers suggested this could imply more young drivers from out of town - who are not familiar with local roads - are visiting for Spring Break.
  • Alcohol did not factor into any substantial increase in traffic accidents, contrary to expectations.
  • According to researchers, driver distraction and fatigue may be the largest factors behind the rise in traffic deaths. They suggest this may be due to Spring Breakers’ late nights, and the fact that young people on vacation are more prone to using phones and other distractions while behind the wheel.

As a hotspot for college students and warm weather, cities across Arizona often see a noticeable difference on roadway traffic and safety during Spring Break season. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, we work with many victims and families affected by auto accidents, and we’ve seen how devastating they can be. We remind everyone to drive safely and obey the rules of the road, and we offer our services to anyone who wants to learn more about their legal rights after a car accident.

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