NTSB Calls for Nationwide Transportation Safety Improvement

Earlier this week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called on American citizens, safety regulators, and others to improve transportation safety across the country when they released their annual Most Wanted List. The NTSB Most Wanted List details the top 10 transportation safety concerns nationwide, according to the federal agency tasked with investigating serious accidents and incidents involving road, air, and sea transportation.

The 2015 Most Wanted list featured a number of concerns that have appeared on the list in previous years, as well as several new issues. Below are just a few of the transportation safety issues that made the list:

  • Impaired Driving
    Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol continues to kill and injure Americans at an alarming rate. According to the NTSB, substance-impaired auto accidents are one of the leading causes of preventable injury and death on our roads and highways. To fight this issue, the NTSB has called for states to pass tougher laws, enact swifter enforcement, and expand the use of technology to help end substance impairment behind the wheel.
  • Distraction-Involved Accidents
    Distraction, especially involving cellphones and handheld devices, has become an increasingly common factor in all types of accidents. In addition to causing thousands of deaths on American roadways, distraction has also been linked as a factor in several serious transportation incidents resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries. The NTSB wants regulators to create tougher standards for handheld devices.
  • Commercial Trucking Safety
    Commercial motor vehicles are necessary to our economy, but their prevalence and properties make them a danger to others on the road. The NTSB noted that state and federal regulators need to better enforce laws for trucking companies, drivers, and vehicles, especially those that carry hazardous materials.

In addition to these three transportation safety concerns, the NTSB also gave mention of the need to improve safety of mass transit systems, general aviation, trains, and rail tank cars. Their goal is to reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths across the country.

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