231 Arrests Made During Operation Justice V

Have you heard of Operation Justice V? At least 231 people in the greater Phoenix area have. State and federal law enforcement officials just ended a project they called Operation Justice V, an attempt at wrangling individuals with outstanding felony warrants. In total, 231 people were arrested the week of April 15, 2013. This special operation was a combined effort of U.S. Marshals as well as state, local and federal officials. This week of arrests was executed as a part of National Crime Victims' Rights week.

Half of the total arrests made were of individuals with felony drug-related warrants, harkening the DEA's involvement. Although there was a high concentration of drug arrests, there were also many arrests for other crimes such as sex offenses, arson, threatening and even attempted first-degree murder. One of the arrests made was of a man accused of three counts of sexual assault on a 4-year-old child.

By law, anyone who is arrested and does not show up for their mandated court appearances can have a bench warrant filed against them. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge and it allows law enforcement to arrest someone on sight. Bench warrants are distinct from arrest warrants. While a bench warrant will allow law enforcement to take someone into custody after failing to show up for a hearing, an arrest warrant is issued against someone that is suspected of a crime. In this case, the 231 arrests made were against those who are suspected to have committed felony offenses.

Allegedly, after committing these crimes, these individuals fled and tried to hide themselves so that they would not be arrested and charged. Some people, however, are unaware that they are a suspect in a crime. If you believe that you are a suspect or have been notified by law enforcement of your suspected participation in a crime, then it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Sweeping arrests such as this are not incredibly common, but you could be sought out and arrested if you are believed to have been involved in some sort of criminal activity.

Particularly in the event of felony allegations, it is important to utilize your right to remain silent and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Speak with a Phoenix criminal defense attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC today. Our firm can evaluate your case and explain the charges that you face. Our goal as a defense firm is to build the strongest possible cases for clients so that we can advocate for their innocence. To learn more about how our firm could assist you, call today.

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