Family Charged with Running a Criminal Syndicate

Three members of one family have been arrested on multiple charges of fraud. The father, C.G., and his twin sons, R.G. and D.G., have been accused of using their business in Arizona for fraudulent purposes. The three own and work at a car title company that processes vehicle titles and inspections for the state of Arizona. Last year, several inspectors with the Arizona Department of Transportation noticed that the paperwork filed by the company was incomplete. There were blatant omissions and mistakes that seemed to be happening more and more frequently.

An investigation was conducted that took several months. By the end of the investigation, officers had more than enough to charge the three men with several white collar crimes including forgery, fraud, and running a criminal syndicate. In total, there were 50 felony charges brought against the men for the white collar crimes they allegedly committed. While the men have been charged, they can still run their store, but my only perform limited transactions. White collar crimes, although non-violent, can lead to years of jail time if you're convicted. For this reason, you'll want to fight your charges with the assistance of a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer from our office. To enlist our help, call the Knowles Law Firm today.

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