Arrest Made in Decades-Old Sex Crime Case

A cold case is starting to warm up again as police in Tucson, Arizona believe they have a suspect wanted for decades-old sex crimes.

In 1993, a 93-year-old female patient at an assisted living facility was found brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in her room. At that time, police did not have any solid suspects and the woman died just a few months after her attack. Although the officers did collect multiple samples, several of which contained DNA, a profile of an unknown male did not help lead police to any valid suspects.

Now, 18 years later, the police finally have someone in custody. Thanks to CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System, a match was discovered. Since the discovery, the suspect has been charged with one count of second degree burglary, one count of sexual assault and one count of aggravated assault. All three of the counts against him are felonies.

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