Agent Aided Drug Smuggling

Officers were shocked to learn that a member of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency was helping marijuana smugglers transport goods across the border.

Federal agents and the Arizona State Police were tipped off to the 34-year-old deportation officer's actions earlier this month after a known smuggler traded information. In exchange for more lenient treatment in the criminal justice system, the smuggler revealed the identity and regular actions of the officer. Several agents and police officers finally caught up with the man as he was engaging in criminal activity, and rather than surrender peacefully, he took them on a high-speed chase. In the process of trying to evade arrest, he threw several bundles of marijuana out of his vehicle.

The man has since been arrested on multiple charges for drug crimes. It is likely that he will reveal more names of people involved with the group of people who used their status as law enforcement agents to bring marijuana across the nation's border.

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