11 Vehicles Impacted by U-Haul Accident

A serious truck accident unfolded on Friday, leading to the closure of Indian School road from the avenues of 39th to 41st. Police told news sources that the collision involved a total of eleven vehicles.

Allegedly, a U-Haul truck swerved into oncoming traffic and managed to strike a red vehicle near the 3900 block. The collision spiraled out of control as the red car struck another vehicle and the U-Haul spun into another, crashing into a car lot nearby.

Two people involved in the collision had to be transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for their injuries – one of the people had serious wounds.

The after-effects of a truck accident can be very tumultuous, not only physically, but also emotionally and financially. If you were in an accident caused by third party negligence, contact us today to discuss your case with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who can offer assistance.

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