2 Trucks Catch Fire Leading to 3 Deaths

This week, a tragic auto accident unfolded in the city of Peoria, Arizona. According to reports, the collision involved numerous vehicles and resulted in the deaths of 3 individuals as well as the injury of one person.

The car accident took place on Saturday around 3:00 AM at an intersection when a truck, carrying two passengers, sped through a red light. The vehicle then collided with a pickup truck that had been carrying a single passenger.

Upon impact, both vehicles started on fire resulting in the unfortunate deaths of 3 people.

Police said that during the accident, the two trucks also come into contact with a third vehicle. However, the driver of the car did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

At this time, officers are trying to decipher if the drivers were impaired, but it has been difficult as the bodies were burned and in poor condition.

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