Police Identify and Arrest Car Burglar

This week, a woman from the city of Phoenix was placed under arrest on suspicion of burglary after police connected her to an incident that occurred outside of a bar in November. Police from the city of Scottsdale said that 27-year-old Jennifer Villegas was placed under arrest outside of her home and that the burglary took place before 2:00 AM on November 1, 2010.

Officers report that a woman contacted police and said she left her purse inside of her truck while she was at a restaurant. When she returned to her vehicle she noticed her purse was missing. Shortly after, she learned that her ATM card was used at several locations throughout Phoenix.

After reviewing security camera photos, a tip led to Villegas and another person being identified. At this time, police are still looking for the man that they believe was an accomplice in the burglary. If you are also facing theft crime charges, then now is the time to hire an attorney from our office who can advise you. At the Knowles Law Firm, PLC, we are commited to providing the best legal representation possible for our clients.

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