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Domestic Violence FAQ

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Answer Questions

Learn more about domestic violence charges and how to respond if you've been accused of this crime. Our award-winning Phoenix criminal defense attorneys have an impressive track record of success defending clients against charges like these. If you have more questions about the situation you are facing, call us at (602) 702-5431 or submit an online contact form with your details. We provide free, initial consultations!

Q: Will I go to jail if convicted for domestic violence?

A: A domestic violence conviction may result in jail or prison time, particularly in any violent assault that results in physical harm or in serious child abuse cases. Some of these cases would result in years in prison if convicted. In other cases, such as emotional abuse or when the victim claims that they were threatened with harm, it may be easier to arrange alternative sentencing. Each case has its own unique circumstances and evidence, and must be reviewed and evaluated by a skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible after the arrest in order to determine how to proceed and fight to avoid a conviction.

Q: My accuser first attacked me, but I got arrested. What can be done legally to avoid conviction?

A: Self-defense is often the case in charges of domestic violence. It is fully recognized that either men or women commit domestic violence. Men, however, are less likely to report the incident to police and in some cases when defending against a physical attack get charged themselves. It is extremely important that you have a skilled criminal defense lawyer from Knowles Law Firm, PLC to fight to prove the self-defense in the case.

Q: What should I do if falsely accused?

A: Whether the charges against you are true or false, you will still be required to prove your innocence and it is crucial that you have a powerful domestic violence defense lawyer to immediately initiate defense actions to fight to get you exonerated of the charge.

Q: What qualifies as domestic violence?

A: Domestic violence refers to a wide range abusive behaviors, including sexual assault, physical assault, intimidation, and more. According to some definitions, psychological and emotional abuse are forms of domestic violence as well. According to Arizona law, domestic violence could be charged as any number of crimes: assault, battery, assault with a deadly weapon, threatening, kidnapping, or witness intimidation. Depending on the circumstances of the case, domestic violence may be considered an “aggravated” crime as well.

Q: What are the penalties for domestic violence in Arizona?

A: Arizona has extremely severe penalties for all violent crimes, including domestic violence. In the most serious cases, such as aggravated domestic violence the penalty can include a mandatory 8-month prison sentence that cannot be avoided. This is in cases in which there are earlier charges of domestic violence in which the individual was convicted. Aggravated domestic violence is a Class 5 Felony and will affect your future in many serious ways.

Q: What can Phoenix Criminal Attorney Anthony Knowles help me with?

A: The firm assists individuals with any of the following types of domestic violence matters, including those who have been criminally charged with harassment, stalking, spousal abuse, as well as threatening and intimidating or even violating an order of protection. With all matters relating to domestic violence, you can trust that their legal firm will be well able to help you protect your legal rights.

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