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Charged with domestic assault in Phoenix?

When a domestic violence case includes an assault charge it is based on the Arizona statute which states that an assault has taken place when an individual does the following:

  • Intentionally or recklessly caused physical harm to another;
  • Intentionally instilling fear of physical harm upon another;
  • Intentionally touching another with the intent to harm or provoke

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

The statute provides for those who claim that they were in fear of getting injured physically and would include threats made to another individual in the same household. This is a serious problem for anyone who has been arrested and charged with assault in Phoenix.

It is crucial to get legal representation without delay after the arrest for the charge. Assault charges are extremely serious and if convicted you could face severe penalties which could include jail or prison time, depending upon the case. For those who have a prior criminal record the penalties are usually more severe.

The legal team at Knowles Law Firm, PLC is very familiar with the defense of assault charges related to domestic violence and has successfully defended many clients charged with this offense. In some cases, the charges are dropped completely, as it may be that the individual is falsely accused; or they could have been forced to defend themselves prior to the arrival of law enforcement. In other cases, defense measures will be taken by the criminal defense lawyer from the firm to reduce the charges or fight for alternative sentencing other than spending time in jail or prison.

As each case is completely unique, with a thorough review of your particular situation the criminal defense lawyer from Knowles Law Firm, PLC can advise how to best move forward with defending your case, and what options exist. There are frequently more possible options for a strong defense than you may expect, and when a flaw in the case is found, you can be assured that it will be exploited on your behalf. If there were any errors in police procedure, this could be one of the possible areas to explore in your case.

Contact a Phoenix assault defense attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC if you have been charged with assault related to a domestic violence case.

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