Young Girl Killed While Riding Scooter in Phoenix

A family is mourning the loss of a 9-year-old girl that was killed while riding her scooter last week. Police are still investigating the car accident, but believe that it may just be a case of old age that caused the fatal incident. The victim, S.T., was riding her scooter near her home last week in Phoenix, Arizona when she was struck by an 85-year-old driver. Although she was still conscious when EMTs arrived on the scene, she sustained fatal brain injuries that were aggravated by the fact that she was not wearing a helmet.

When police spoke with the driver that struck her, he did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, the police report indicates that he was acting strangely after the accident, as well as made some curious remarks. Officers are taking this into consideration as they conduct their investigation. The driver's identity is being kept a confidential until further notice. Have you been hurt as a result of a car accident in Arizona? Contact the Knowles Law Firm now to set up a time to meet with a Phoenix personal injury attorney from our office. By taking the time to meet with a lawyer, you'll have a better understanding of your rights as an auto accident victim.

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