Hazing Gone Wrong: Parents Sue FAMU for Wrongful Death

Hazing is considered to be the act of initiating a person into some form of group and usually involves various forms of harassment and humiliation and even abuse. Over six months ago Robert Champion of Florida A&M University was killed during a tragic hazing initiation by his college band mates. His death occurred after being hazed on a bus that was in a hotel parking lot in Orlando, FL. It is believed that his death was caused by excessive beating by fellow band members.

Champions parents sued the bus company just a few days after their son’s death because it was reported that they driver not only stood and watched the hazing, but also aided the band members with their musical equipment. They are choosing now to sue the school for wrongful death of their son for failure to stop the hazing practices within the college band group. Eleven of the band members are facing felony charges and two additional students are being charged with misdemeanors for playing a smaller role in the hazing incident. As a result of this crime the famous school marching band has been placed on a year suspension.

Recent documents that have been released are claiming that the local Police Chief Calvin Ross and the FAMU Dean of Students Henry Kirby had been trying to address this issue with the school administrators just a few days prior to the death of Robert Champion. It is said that they were pushing to suspend the marching band because of their recurring hazing practices. It is likely that it is because of the release of these documents that the parents are deciding to file the lawsuit against the school. Victims of wrongful death in circumstances like these are unable to fight for themselves, but the family is still left to face the emotional consequences. If someone you know has been a victim of wrongful death, we want to help you face this difficult time with proper legal representation. Pleasecontact us today with any of your questions.

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