Practice Motorcycle Safety to Avoid Serious Accidents!

Motorcycles are a fun way to travel, but they are also a dangerous one. Without the cushion of walls around you, you are in direct danger to an accident that will knock you off of your bike and onto the hard asphalt below. If you ride a motorcycle in Arizona, you know that there are many two-lane highways and narrow roads where a motorcyclist may be pushed out of the way. Often motorcycles can hide in a blind spot, and a driver in a larger car won’t even know that the motorcyclists are there.

Because of this, as a motorcyclist there are precautions you can take to preserve your safety. According to the Arizona Motorcyclist handbook, it is very important that you wear a safety helmet. While these helmets are only require for minors under 18, it is still crucial that you have head protection if you want to avoid a concussion, brain damage or death in a collision. Also, you are encouraged by the Arizona DMV to use your headlight on high beams during the day when on your bike. While this may sound odd, the light will increase your visibility and may catch a driver’s eye when he or she would not have otherwise checked to see if you were there.

As well, it is important that you have a horn on your motorcycle that can blast a sound that reaches at least 200 feet. This will help you to warn others if they try to push you off the road or change lanes without seeing you. Also, you are required to wear safety goggles or sunglasses whenever you are operating a motorcycle. If you refuse to do this, you could be pulled over. The goggles will protect you from getting something stuck in your eye which would affect you vision. If you are following safety precautions and you are hurt by someone else’s negligent actions, then you have a right to seek restitution. Talk to the folks at Knowles Law Firm if you want to seek litigation from an at-fault party in a motorcycle accident.

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