Multiple Fatal Car Accidents Investigation

In East Haven, Connecticut, the Police Department is currently undergoing an investigation involving three separate car accidents that happened Tuesday July 24, 2012. It is said that while these three accidents did not happen together, and they are investigating the similarities between the three. Unfortunately, the accident that occurred along Cope Avenue resulted in the death of one of the victims. Police reports claim that the accident on Cope Avenue occurred after a man was heading south on the road when he for some reason crossed over into oncoming traffic and then crashed off the side of the road. This man was pronounced dead at the local hospital, and they are choosing not to release his name to the public while the investigation is still pending. The East Haven Police Sargent, David Emerman, says that they believe his accident is a result of a medical condition, though they are still not completely sure.

The second accident was originally thought to be caused by the driver hitting head on, though now the reports are claiming that the accident was merely a rear end collision, thankfully it resulted in no injuries. Lastly, the third accident of the day was said to be between two vehicles. It is reported that when one car rear ended the one in front and then the second vehicle was flipped over onto its roof. The injuries from this accident are still unknown, though it is certain that multiple were sent to the hospital as a result of this accident. The town of East Haven faced a lot of car accidents yesterday and the police claim that at the moment they are investigating the causes of all three. It is an odd coincidence, though it is unlikely that the accidents are related at all. If you or someone you know has been involved in any form of car accident, contact Knowles Law Firm today for legal counsel you deserve!

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