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Have you been recently arrested for criminal charges in Phoenix? If so, you are not alone! Today officers of the law and court prosecutors are relentless in their efforts to put criminals behind bars, sometimes without wanting to allow the accused a chance to fight for their own innocence. Fortunately today we live in a country that allows individuals the constitutional right for legal representation before the court, and a guarantee that they are "innocent until proven guilty." That being said, if you have recently been accused of a criminal charge, do not wait another moment before contacting a Phoenix criminal defense attorney at Knowles Law Firm to fight on your behalf!

In the event that you have been accused of a crime, attorneys at the Knowles Law Firm are prepared to handle your defense and relentless fight on your behalf not only for your freedom, but also for your reputation. We understand how much is at stake when accused of a criminal charge and for that reason we want to offer our full commitment to each of our clients as we will stop at nothing to offer you the strong defense that you deserve! Our firm is led by Anthony Knowles, the founding attorney and he has been involved in the criminal justice system in the state of Arizona for over 15 years. During this time he has served not only as a criminal defense attorney but also has experience as a former police officer, allowing him the unique advantage today as he helps protect the victims he was once trying to put behind bars. Because of his past officer experience he understands what the court is looking for when prosecuting an individual of a crime, and he can use that knowledge today on behalf of his clients.

Those who hire our firm can rest assured that they are in capable legal hands, not only because of the knowledge and skills that our team brings forth to every case, but also because Anthony Knowles has been named among the "Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Arizona" by the National Trial lawyers Association. To learn more about this, please see a Yahoo News press release that discusses this great accomplishment in further details. Mr. Knowles is licensed to practice law in all Arizona Courts including Federal Courts, Superior Court, City/Municipal Court and Justice Courts as well. Anthony is not only a former police officer, but he also work in the House of Representatives in Arizona in 1993 as a legislative aide working on various criminal code revisions for the year. Mr. Knowles is also a member of the State Bar of Arizona as well as the Maricopa County Bar Association. You can find more about Anthony Knowles by reading his Avvo Review page, a website that allows legal peer reviews as well as past client reviews. For an extensive list of his credentials as well as other endorsements, please view his LinkedIn profile page here.

Attorney Michal Brown is another valuable asset to our firm and is a former prosecutor who now practices criminal law. As a former prosecutor, Michael realized how important it is for individuals to receive strong defense attorneys as they are faced with various charges. Today as a criminal defender, Michael is able to offer his clients the care and compassion that they deserve in this difficult time while at the same time relentlessly pursing justice on their behalf before the court. Attorney Shane Miller worked as a former Deputy County attorney before he joined the team at Knowles Law Firm just a little over four years ago. His extensive legal experience makes him a valuable asset to the firm as he has had the privileges of helping many individuals who have been accused of a variety of criminal charges. Miller also has a background in personal injury law, making him even more valuable to the firm as he is skilled in multiple practices areas.

The Knowles Law Firm has had the great joy of helping many individuals fight for their freedom after being accused of criminal charges. For example, numerous clients have been accused of DUI and pronounced not guilty at trial. Multiple clients have been accused of Extreme DUI for having a BAC level nearly three times the legal limit and our team was able to prove their innocence in court. Other not guilty cases have included individuals who have been charges with drug crimes, assault, domestic violence and more and we were able to prove them not guilty. The Knowles Law Firm has also been able to help many clients receive case dismissals for various reasons. For example with enough research on our behalf we may be able to prove to the court that the arresting officer was in the wrong, or there is insufficient evidence against our clients, etc. When this happens, and for other reasons, clients cases may then be entirely dismissed. These charges include shoplifting, DUI, drug crimes, prostitution, and many others. For an extensive list of our past case results, please click here.

Our firm is also on various social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We would love for those of you living in the Phoenix and surrounding areas to connect with us on one or all of these sites! By doing so you will have the opportunity to stay updated with our latest firm happenings, as well as recent laws in the state of Arizona. Here you will also have the chance to learn valuable tips about criminal law including details such as what not to do during an arrest or about the rights you have as an individual. Our aim is that every client and potential client who comes to our website has the opportunity to learn something that will come in handy either today or in the future. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, big or small, the Knowles Law Firm wants to fight for you! Call us today at 888-332-5621 or fill out an online case evaluation for an appointment. Don't wait another moment to challenge the charges placed against you, contact us today for more information!

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