Child Predator Faces 47 Counts

In Phoenix, local police say they have arrested a 29-year-old suspect who they believe victimized at least three young girls and one boy and is an alleged child predator.

Now, Juan Vidal Torres is facing 47 counts that include child abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, public sexual indecency, child molestation, and furnishing obscene material to a minor. At the time that they were victimized, the children ranged in ages from 5 to 13.

Earlier this month, someone close to the victims called the police and made allegations that Torres was committing illegal acts against children, to whom he has a familial connection.

While investigating the case, the doctors found that the suspect had been engaged in numerous sex acts with the children and the illegal activity began in 2004.Torres admitted to police that he is a drug user and while getting high, he would force the children to inhale smoke from his drugs and also inject them with narcotics.

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