Victims Weren't Wearing Helmets during Traumatic Motorcycle Accident

On Sunday, news sources say that a 29 year old female by the name of Nicole Dunn was ejected from a motorcycle at approximately 4:00 PM. The motorcycle accident occurred near Keystone and Dunn hails from Rapid City.

The driver of the motorcycle, 31 year old Ryan Weichmann, had been heading north on US 16A when he transitioned from the right lane into the left lane to maneuver around slow traffic. At that time, a 33 year old car driver was stopped in the left lane and waiting to enter into a parking lot. The motorcyclist had little time and, unfortunately, was unable to stop his bike from hitting the stagnant vehicle.

Sources say that Dunn sustained fatal injuries during the motorcycle collision and that Weichmann had to be taken to a hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. At the time of the crash, neither had been wearing helmets which are known to reduce traumatic head and brain injuries during accidents.

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