Rep. Frank Pratt's Attacker Indicted for Six Felonies

The man involved in the Christmas Day attack of state Rep. Frank Pratt in his own home has been indicted on six felony counts. A grand jury in Pinal County found Scott guilty of six counts of assault against Pratt. Scott reportedly attacked Pratt when the state representative was checking in on his pool business. He was severely beaten and left tied up; Pratt was treated at a local Phoenix hospital for a period of two days.

If convicted for all six counts Hilyard B. Scott, 34, could be looking at forty years or more for his charges. These include robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, unlawful use of a means of transportation, third-degree burglary and theft. This isn't the first time that Scott has been arrested in Phoenix. On Aug. 18, 2010 he was taken in for aggravated domestic violence and again on Dec. 22, 2010 for aggravated assault.

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