Other Types of Accidents

Other Accidents

There are about as many types of accidents as there are ways to become injured. There are major categories of accidents that personal injury attorneys handle. One of the most common is motor vehicle accidents such as car accidents. There are also acts of negligence in the medical industry, the workplace and even at home. Knowles Law Firm, PLC offers representation for those who have been injured in these types of accidents, but we also represent those who were injured in slightly less common accidents.

You can be confident that there is no case this firm does not have knowledge about. Mr. Knowles' experience as a trial attorney qualifies him as one of the best in the nation to handle all sorts of different cases. Listed below are just some of those types of other accidents:

Airplane Accidents
Aviation accidents, although rare, can cause serious injuries and even death. An in-depth investigation can look into the possible causes of the crash by investigating black-box data, testing the pilot for drugs or alcohol and searching for possible malfunctioning equipment.

Bicycle Accidents
Bicyclists are nearly as vulnerable to injury as pedestrians are. Although they are protected by a helmet, this may do little if they are involved in a collision with a vehicle. Unfortunately, motorists often do not take notice of those on bicycles, which could end in a devastating crash.

Boating Accidents
Although going out for a boat ride may seem like an innocent and carefree activity, drivers must still pay careful attention to safety. If proper boating regulations are not adhered to, it could result in a serious injury.

Bus Accidents
Whether you were riding a bus, boarding a bus or on the street, the firm can represent you if you were involved in this type of accident. Claims can be filed against both private bus companies as well as against the city if you were using public transportation.

Jet Ski Accidents
Like boating, this recreational activity can be a fun way to enjoy the water. If proper precautions are not taken though, the results can be devastating.

Train Accidents
This mode of public transportation is often effective in getting people from point A to point B, but an accident of this nature can turn fatal. Those who work on trains may also become injured while performing their job duties.

The Possibility of Compensation

If you were injured in an accident that you did not cause, then you may have grounds for filing a claim or a lawsuit. It is important that you do not go without adequate representation during this difficult time. After your accident, you may have thousands of questions. What the firm is prepared to do for you is answer those questions by giving you sound legal advice and informing you of your rights. We do so through a free initial evaluation of your case. You are likely looking for compensation because of the financial burden this accident has placed on you and your family.

For one, you may be left with vehicle, property or other damage that you can't afford to pay for on your own. If you were injured in your accident, you not only will need compensation to cover your initial medical bills, but possibly compensation for all future medical costs related to the injuries you sustained in this accident. You may also have had to take time off of work to heal from your injuries, which means substantial wage loss. Before you worry about these things, call the firm so that they can walk you through your case and attempt to give you peace of mind.

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