Misconduct Involving Weapons

Misconduct Involving Weapons in Phoenix

Crimes involving weapons are nothing to take lightly. If you are successfully convicted, you will find that you are facing serious penalties that are not only lengthy in time, but are also life-altering in nature. So where is it that you turn when you find yourself facing something of this nature? If you have been criminally charged, you do not have the luxury of wasting your time - you need immediate legal representation from a criminal attorney that you can trust. This is where the Knowles Law Firm, PLC can come in. With extensive experience of weapon charges of all kinds, they have the knowledge that you need to help you successfully protect your legal rights.

What is Considered Weapons Misconduct?

One of the most difficult types of weapons charges involve what is known as misconduct involving weapons. This is outlined in the Arizona Criminal Code §13-3102 and can be committed in many different ways. There is not one sole way in which this can occur. Some of the most common forms of misconduct involving a weapon, however, include the following offenses:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon on your person without a permit;
  • Owning a deadly weapon if you're legally prohibited;
  • Knowingly selling a deadly weapon to a prohibited possessor;
  • Defacing or possessing a defaced deadly weapon;
  • Using a deadly weapon while committing a felonious act; and
  • Discharging a deadly weapon to assist with organized crime

It can also include carrying a deadly weapon, even with a permit, at the wrong time. For example, if you enter into a structure where the owner has asked for you to remove the weapon and place it into the custody of the operator, then you could be charged with this crime. Similarly, you could be criminally charged should you possess a deadly weapon on school grounds or at a polling place during elections.

Charged with a Weapons Crime? Give the Firm a Call!

If you have been criminally charged with misconduct involving weapons, it is important that you know your rights. You could very well be facing penalties that include up to three and a half years in prison. This, however, is not only difficult because of the initial criminal penalties - even just having the blemish on your criminal record could cause serious issues both personally and professionally. It could even cause you to become prohibited from ever owning a weapon ever again. Knowles Law Firm, PLC takes these types of charges seriously and is prepared to go the distance in their efforts to provide clients with the experienced legal assistance that they deserve.

Arrested for misconduct involving weapons? Don't hesitate to contact a Phoenix weapon charge lawyer from Knowles Law Firm, PLC as soon as possible.

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