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Armed robbery is a serious crime that poses very harsh penalties. As a felony in Arizona, armed robbery is characterized by the use of a weapon during the commission of a robbery. Although cases can vary, armed robbery often involves the use of force - and sometimes injuries to victims. It may also take place in retain establishments, banks, stores, muggings, or home invasions.

As the use of a weapon in any crime often results in enhanced penalties and sentences, armed robbery poses serious penalties for convicted individuals. When firearms are involved, severe enhancements may be pursued:

  • The use of a gun during a robbery can result in an additional 10 years added to a sentence.
  • Firing a gun during a robbery can result in an additional 20 years added to a sentence.

In any case, large fines, long terms of imprisonment, and felony probation / parole are common consequences. However, there are many issues at hand that can affect not only penalties, but also defense strategies, such as drug or alcohol addiction, the age of an accused individual, mental health, and whether victims suffered injuries.

Armed Robbery Defenses

Being accused of armed robbery can be a life changing event. You may not yet realize to what extent this type of a charge could affect your freedom and your future. With the assistance of the skilled legal criminal defense attorneys at Knowles Law Firm, PLC, you can begin planning a successful defense. Even though your case may seem insurmountable, there are many defenses that can be used to fight your charges.

Many times a person is unjustly convicted of armed robbery based on faulty identification in a line-up.

Improper gathering of evidence by law enforcement can be challenged, and any evidence that is brought against you can be thoroughly reviewed for inconsistencies. Knowles Law Firm, PLC has the expertise you will need in fighting these serious charges. When you retain our firm, our attorney will provide you personalized attention and work along with you to resolve your charges either through a plea negotiation, dismissal of charges or at trial, if necessary.

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