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Arizona has recently enacted tougher immigration laws, in the face of a constant influx across the border from Mexico. Immigration violations are federal crimes, however state law enforcement has recently become heavily involved in stopping illegal immigration with new state laws. In doing so, certain racial profiling has certainly entered the scene. Law enforcement when stopping an individual they suspect of having committed an immigration violation must have probable cause. This means that the smallest traffic violation can lead to an immigration violation charge, even a broken tail light or other minor offense. If you are facing an immigration violation charge, it is vital that you contact an Arizona federal criminal defense lawyer.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

If you or a loved one has been charged with an immigration violation, you most likely are facing the Federal Court system. This system is completely separate from State Courts and has its own team of tough prosecuting attorneys and investigators, including the FBI and CIA networks. When facing the challenge of some of the most dedicated and serious law enforcement personnel in the USA, you need a powerful defense attorney working for you. Attorney Anthony Knowles is a proven immigration violation defense lawyer and will fight to protect your rights.

In an immigration violation, all aspects of your arrest must be immediately reviewed. Were the proper procedures followed? In many cases it is found that certain vital procedures were not properly handled by law enforcement and if so, the case is frequently dismissed. In the USA, no one is above the law, including law enforcement itself. Attorney Anthony Knowles will evaluate every aspect of your arrest and will bring forward a compelling defense on your behalf. Some types of immigration violation offenses that Attorney Anthony Knowles can defend you on include:

  • Alien smuggling
  • Hiring illegal immigrants
  • Evading a checkpoint
  • Marriage violations related to immigration
  • Possessing a false passport or other legal documents
  • Illegal entry to the USA
  • Illegal re-entry after deportation from the USA
  • Illegally living and working in the USA
  • Harboring illegal aliens
  • Transporting illegal aliens
  • Possession of false Social Security card
  • Creating or selling false documents

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In any immigration violation, you are in serious trouble with the law. You may lose the ability to live in the USA forever if you are not a legal immigrant and are caught working or living in the USA. If you have been charged with hiring illegal immigrants, you can be in very serious trouble and be used to make an example to other employers. You must immediately call Phoenix Criminal Attorney Anthony Knowles if you are facing any immigration violation to the qualified legal representation necessary in such serious charges. Contact Arizona immigration violation attorney Anthony Knowles if you have been charged with any immigration violation.

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