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Spousal abuse or domestic abuse is one of the most frequently charged offenses in the state. It has been proven unequivocally through studies that both sexes commit spousal abuse; however, women are more likely to report to law enforcement. When charged with spousal abuse, it is a serious crime and often results in jail or prison time, community service and mandated anger management treatment programs. The laws are extremely strict in Arizona regarding any violent crime, including spousal abuse.

However, this crime can be charged even if no actual physical abuse has occurred. If one individual in a marriage claims that they have been threatened with physical harm the charges against you can be filed, and you will be arrested. This could often include a restraining order that makes it illegal for you to be within a certain distance of your spouse, home, or any form of contact. If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence such as spousal abuse, it is an urgent matter to get experienced legal representation from a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer in order to resolve the matter.

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Dealing with these charges can be emotional and upsetting, particularly for those who are falsely accused of the crime of spousal abuse. In some cases, the accusations come while the two parties are involved in a bitter divorce or custody battle, and one party makes the claim against the other in order to fight to get full custody of the children. As the "emotional abuse" could be the charge, this can create a situation in which the accused must go to court and fight the charges. At Law Offices of Anthony Knowles, the legal team is highly qualified to defend individuals charged with any type of domestic abuse case, including spousal abuse. In many cases, with an immediate address by the spousal abuse lawyer from the firm, the charges are dropped and the situation resolves.

In other cases, the attorney may fight for alternative sentencing or treatment programs. In Arizona, if you have an earlier conviction on record for the offense, your penalties will be increased. It is an extremely dangerous legal situation if this is the case, and it is crucial to get powerful legal representation from Knowles Law Firm, PLC to fight for your defense. The charges can only be dismissed by the prosecutor, even when the individual accusing you tries to withdraw the charges, and you may be facing a court battle and will need a strong trial lawyer to fight for you.

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