Justin Bieber's DUI: Why Did He Plead "Not Guilty?"

Media sources are scrambling to answer a slew of questions following Justin Biebers' DUI. Some called the arrest a publicity stunt, while others are convinced that the 19-year-old Canadian pop star actually drove under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Still, others wonder if the arresting officer fudged Bieber's DUI police report.

Even though Bieber pled "not guilty," prosecutors are confident that the young singer will accept a plea bargain instead of going to trial because of the evidence held against him.

According to police reports, a law enforcement officer spotted Bieber in a Lamborghini around 4:00am in the morning on January 23 rd. The report stated that Bieber and another vehicle were drag racing in residential zone.

The report also said that Bieber's breath smelled like alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot. While both of these signs might indicate DUI, Bieber only blew a .014% on his Breathalyzer test. The legal BAC limit for drunk driving in all fifty states is 0.08%. In Florida, the DUI threshold for underage drivers is only .02%.

Bieber's test results were well beneath the legal limit, indicating that he probably wasn't under the influence of alcohol.

Shaky Evidence for Drag Racing

In his report, the arresting officer stated that Bieber was racing another vehicle in a residential zone, traveling between 55 and 60 mph. The speed limit was 30 mph. According to a GPS device connected to the Lamborghini, Bieber didn't come close to 60 mph right before the arrest.

Field Sobriety Testing

In addition to the Breathalyzer test, law enforcement administered field sobriety testing, which Bieber failed. While this might seem like significant evidence against the singer, field sobriety tests are notoriously inaccurate. A sober person with poor balance could easily fail a field sobriety test. In fact, one news source indicated that Bieber's friend failed such a test the night Bieber was arrested, even though he was completely sober.

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