Lawsuit Against Arizona City for Car Crash Involving a Police Officer

A citizen of Surprise, Arizona is filing a lawsuit against her city for a car accident that she was involved with. Linda Vera McCormick accuses a police officer, Jeff Thurman, for negligent driving which led their two vehicles to crash. The claim states that he rear-ended her vehicle in July of 2011 and she just recently filed a claim with the Maricopa County Superior Court against him. Before filing for the lawsuit, she sent a notice to the city asking for $50,000 compensation for the damaged that she received from the incident.

Not only filing for the damage on her car, but also she claims that because of the officers rear-ending, she is now suffering from neck and head pains. According to records, she is still undergoing treatment for the pains and the report shows that the bills from the accident are no more than $11,000. The court shares of the incidence, and states that the victim was stopped at a red light getting ready to turn right when the officer hit her car from behind. The city officials claim that they have reprimanded Officer Thurman, noting that this accident could have easily been avoided. According to the cities reports on their officer, he has already had two citations on his record for minor car accidents similar to McCormick’s case.

Car accidents are not an experience to look forward to, and even in the event of a rear ending, often times they can require a lot of attention depending on the damages. Contacting a personal injury attorney that specializes in car accident cases is exactly what you need if an accident occurs. At Knowles Law Firm, we are committed to working hard and fighting for your rights. Even in the event of being involved in an accident with an officer, you still have the right to seek compensation for the damage that was caused. Contact us today for more information!

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