Could the Public be Taking Video Games Too Seriously?

If the public has watched or read a hint of the news lately, hearing of the violent crime sprees will not be a surprise. Within the past few weeks multiple shootings have taken place resulting in the deaths of many victims and the injuries of even more. The question is being asked to the government and police officials of what they think the cause of this increase in violence is? While movies and television shows have always been known to play a role in the viewer’s mind, it is easier to assume that what is on screen is fiction, and that when the movie or show is over, so is the fantasy.

Concerns are on the rise that with the plethora of action and violent video games that are around today. These games vary greatly from the average violence movie, because it allows the participant to have an experience, and to be the one in control of the actual acts of violence. Games today involve anything from killing and thievery to raping, prostitution, or car crashes and everything in between. Games that involve cute little characters killing dragons in dungeons is no longer what is keeping the attention of both children and adults, it is the violence and excitement of playing these games that is gripping the players.

In New South Wales, their Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has noticed that there may be some connections between the violence of the games and the violent crime rates that are increasing in the public, and he is taking a stance. He claims that these games are showing gamers that if you participate in these acts, which are considered to be illegal in reality, you can be awarded by how many killings you commit or get bonus points for sleeping with a prostitute. These principles are then being lived and realized by members of society in the real world, and the consequences are the actual lives of people. Gaming groups defend this notion saying that those people who are already capable of these crimes and participate with these games are likely still to commit the crimes, and the average Joe is going to remember that it is just a game.

While the game makers want to fight to have their games stay on the market, the psychologists who are studying the actual people think very differently about the matter. They are claiming that games like this should not be allowed to be released to the public because no person, in real life or a game; should be rewarded for raping a woman. Whether video games are the result of the rise in violent crimes or not, it is happening. If you or someone you know has been convicted of accusing any type of violent crime, you still deserve the proper legal defense to help fight for you case. Knowles Law Firm specializes in criminal defense, contact us today!

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