Serial Arson Suspect Caught

Police in Phoenix have finally caught up with the man they believe committed violent crimes via serial arson.

Studying the suspect's past moves, investigators created a trap to get evidence from the surveillance tape to nab him. Officers were aware that someone had set two fires outside of the Senior Center at 2800 East Devonshire; hoping it to be the same person, they set up cameras to catch him in the act. Although they couldn't get a clear image of the person's face, they did get a still of the bag he was carrying. It led officers back to a convenience store where he had made a purchase just minutes before setting the fire.

Now Anthony Lee Gray, 33, faces multiple charges against him, including one count of arson. Police believe that Gray is responsible for setting at least 12 fires over the past few years. If you have been charged with arson, you may also face other charges associated with it, such as manslaughter, assault, or other related offenses. Make an appointment to see one of our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers for assistance in defending yourself against these charges

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