3 Ways You Could Suffer Injuries on an Airplane

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Most people who are scared of flying are scared of crashing. However, this situation is extremely rare. In fact, there are numerous other ways in which an airplane passenger can be injured that do not involve the plane crashing. Knowles Law Firm, PLC explains some common causes of airplane injuries that passengers should be proactive about avoiding whenever possible.

1. Turbulence

Turbulence is one of the leading causes of airplane injuries. While some may get startled and assume the turbulence is a sign of a worse outcome, it is typically the motion of the turbulence itself that causes passenger injuries. The sudden, jerky movements may cause passengers to hit their heads on airplane walls or ceilings. If the passengers are standing at the time of sudden turbulence, they may lose their balance and take a hard fall.

2. Falling Luggage

Many people keep their carry-on baggage in overhead compartments or on the ground. While there is every effort to keep these bags secure, accidents do happen. The compartment latches may be defective, loose, or open, leading to heavy bags falling on the unassuming passengers below. This could lead to concussions or even more serious head injuries.

3. Slip and Falls

Airplanes are congested, making it hard to make your way around the cabin. With bags on the floor, other passengers sticking out into the aisleway, and other obstacles, an individual could take a nasty fall.

Airplane Injuries Liability

While some injuries sustained on an aircraft are fully unavoidable, others involve at-fault parties. For example, if the flight crew did not adequately warn passengers of upcoming turbulence and ensure safety precautions were followed, they could be liable for negligence. These situations are complicated and if you were injured on an airplane, it’s best to discuss your case with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Phoenix Airplane Accident Attorneys

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