Father Accidentally Runs Over Daughter with Pickup Truck

A tragic truck accident has reported to have occurred in the city of Phoenix this week. The accident took place on 35 th avenue when a man backed over his toddler daughter with is pickup truck.

At the time of the incident, the toddler had been in the front yard of her home playing with her brother, age 7. The father was with them until, as he told police, the mother came home and took over watching the kids. He said that he thought the mother had been keeping an eye on the kids when he stepped into his pickup truck and accidentally ran over his daughter who had run behind the vehicle.

The father tried to administer CPR to his child, but by the time paramedics responded to emergency calls, the girl was no longer breathing. She was transported to an area hospital and reported dead shortly thereafter.

Officers plan to continue investigations, but as of now, no criminal charges have been filed.

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