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Arrested for the Theft of a Motor Vehicle?

Theft is the act of unlawfully taking or using another person's property without consent. Auto theft refers to the criminal act of stealing, taking, or using another person's automobile without permission. You can also be charged with auto theft for purchasing or borrowing an automobile you know was stolen or unlawfully obtained. Auto theft is a felony offense in Arizona which means you will automatically face at least one year in prison if you are convicted of the charges, in addition to other adverse legal penalties.

If you have been charged with auto theft in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, attorney Anthony Knowles can provide you with an intelligent and resourceful defense to fight the prosecution and help you overcome your criminal charges.

Auto Theft Defense in Phoenix, Arizona

Law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges take auto theft cases very seriously and have no tolerance for people who violate the law by stealing other people's property. Even if you took a car, but planned to return it to the owner, you will still be charged with auto theft if you are caught in the act by a law enforcement officer.

As auto theft is a felony offense, an auto theft conviction will result in a number of legal consequences, such as no less than one year in jail or prison, fines, restitution to the victim, probation, community service, and more. To protect your rights and freedom, it's important to contact an experienced Phoenix auto theft attorney at Knowles Law Firm, PLC as soon as you have been arrested and charged with the crime.

The sooner you contact the firm, the sooner they can begin preparing your case.

Is it considered auto theft or joyriding?

The Arizona Criminal Code §13-1803 defines joyriding as the unlawful use of means of transportation. To be convicted of this type of crime, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt you knowingly acted to take over the control of a means of transportation. This is classified as a class 5 felony or a class 6 felony - much lighter than the class 3 felony which is auto theft, or the theft of means of transportation. So what's the difference between the two charges? The intent of the defendant.

If it was the defendant's intentions to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle, then it would be classified as auto theft - it not, it would be classified as joyriding. If you have been criminally charged with auto theft, even if you had no intentions of permanently taking the care, it's in your best interests to get the involvement of an experienced attorney who will be able to work with you to help get the charges reduced to more reasonable terms.

Talk to a Phoenix Theft Lawyer From our Firm!

If you have been charged with auto theft, do not let your criminal charges limit your rights and jeopardize your future. Attorney Anthony Knowles has years of experience defending clients in Phoenix; he and his entire legal team can provide you with the unrelenting dedication and zealous defense you need to fight your charges.

They understands what is at stake for you if you are found guilty, and that's why they work tirelessly to build a compelling and convincing defense case. They are 100% committed to standing up for your rights, negating your charge, and negotiating with the prosecution for a reduction or dismissal.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC.

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