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Understanding Workplace Injuries

When someone is involved in an accident that results in an injury while you are at work, such as a construction accident or workplace exposure, you are entitled to have your medical treatment and lost wages covered by workers' compensation. There are numerous types of injuries that can occur at a workplace, from office injuries such as back strain, to construction job accidents that can include broken bones, neck injuries, burns, and even death. Although the majority of these injuries are clear cut and will be automatically covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance coverage, others are not so clear and may require a more thorough investigation.

An example would be if you were driving from one job site to another in a personal vehicle and were involved in an auto accident. There are specific rules that come into play in workers' comp claims that only an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you with. Even for those injuries sustained in the workplace that are clearly work related, your treatment and future job prospects if you were seriously injured could affect your future. Having someone working on your behalf to safeguard your rights to all the necessary treatment you might need to fully recover, as well as insuring you are properly compensated for lost time from work, is vital.

Handling Your Claim

How a workers' comp claim is handled is mandated by State and Federal laws. These regulations require that all work related injuries be reported to your employer and any injury be examined by a doctor provided by your employer. It is possible that some employers may try to deny your injury as being work related, or refuse to give you the treatment and time off from work you need to fully recover.

There are complex laws governing workers' comp injuries, and it is best to see a professional attorney in order to ensure you are not denied any compensation you are entitled to by law. A workplace accident can leave one injured, disabled, in pain and suffering for a long period of time. You cannot trust your future to the decision of your employer's workers' comp insurance company alone. You need someone on your side, defending and protecting your rights to monetary compensation. Knowles Law Firm, PLC has been helping their clients in the Phoenix area for many years, successfully bringing them the compensation they need in order to recover their health and their future well-being.

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