Personal Injury FAQ

Personal Injury FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Being injured in a preventable accident is a frightening experience, and navigating the legal process can be downright overwhelming. We know you have a lot of questions about your rights and personal injury claim proceedings, and while we encourage you to request a personalized free case review, we've compiled a few of the most common questions our Phoenix personal injury lawyers hear from clients.

Q: What is personal injury law and what types of cases do you handle?

A: Personal injury is an area of law in which one person sues another person for a civil wrongdoing. Arizona personal injury laws provide protection to people who have been injured, harmed, or killed because of another person's recklessness or negligence. Accident and injury victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party to recover financial compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wage

Q: What is negligence?

A: Legally speaking, negligence refers to careless or recklessness that leads to, causes, or contributes to an accident or injury. For example, if a person causes a car accident because he or she was texting while driving, it will be considered negligence since texting while driving is a careless or reckless behavior. Because the driver acted negligently, he or she will be held responsible for the accident and be required to pay damages to the victim.

Q: If I have been injured, what types of damages can I recover?

A: In order to win a personal injury lawsuit and collect damages, you must prove that another person or entity acted negligently and is therefore liable for your accident and injuries. If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another person's negligence, you will be awarded financial compensation to cover your pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical bills, rehabilitation and treatment expenses, medication costs, adaptive equipment, lost wages, future lost wages, economic hardship, and decreased quality of life.

Q: How long do I have to file a personal injury or accident claim?

A: In Arizona, you only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you do not file your claim within two years from the date of your injury, you may lose your right to take legal action and recover damages.

Q: How much is my case worth?

A: The value of your case will largely depend on the specific circumstances of your accident or injury. In general, the more severe the injury, the more your case is likely to be worth, as serious and severe injuries will result in high medical bills and usually limit your ability to work and earn income. Who is actually at fault for the accident will also impact how much you are able to recover. The best way to determine how much your case is worth is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney at Knowles Law Firm, PLC. When you come to their firm, they will review your case, discuss your legal options, and provide you with a general idea of how much he thinks he will be able to recover in the courtroom.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: Their firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you are not required to pay any attorney's fees unless he wins your case and recovers a settlement. If he does not recover any money for you, then you do not pay any attorney's fees. If he does win your case and recovers a settlement, only then will he take a percentage of the money that is awarded to you to cover the cost of attorney's fees.

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