Head On Collision

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are among the most violent types of car accidents, and they often cause catastrophic injuries or death. Usually, these types of accidents are caused by a car "drifting" out of its lane on a two-lane road. When taking into considering the combined momentum of the two vehicles, it is no wonder that the injuries that result from such a collision are among the most catastrophic of all auto accidents.

A common cause of this type of accident is falling asleep at the wheel. A driver may drift into the other lane because they are driving while over-tired. Exhaustion can actually be just as dangerous as intoxication. Both can significantly impair a driver's judgment. Another cause of head-on collisions could be that a driver swerved to avoid something. When drivers make abrupt movements, they risk over-compensating their vehicle and swerving into oncoming traffic.

Although head-on crashes are one of the rarest in the United States (only two percent of all crashes), they make up a total of ten percent of all fatal crashes in the nation. This speaks to their severity. You may have become the victim of one of these types of crashes. If you did, you will need an aggressive attorney who is committed to fighting for every penny that you deserve.

Serious Accidents Require Serious Representation

Even if fault appears to be clearly defined, you cannot trust that compensation will be easy to acquire. Despite all of their promises, insurance companies are not willing to pay anything more than they absolutely must. In fact, many companies are willing to do everything possible to shift blame and dodge liability in such accidents. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, their legal team has a thorough understanding of injury claims and is unwaveringly devoted to protecting their clients against the worst of the damage. They know that your future is on the line at such an incident and will therefore do everything possible to help defend your rights and help you navigate through this difficult time.

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