Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

Ignition Interlock Devices in Phoenix, AZ

IID Installation as a Phoenix DUI Penalty

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Arizona, you should know what an ignition interlock device (IID) is. This is a possible penalty for those convicted of DUI. The device is a breath testing machine that is hooked onto the dashboard and connected to the ignition of a vehicle. Before starting the vehicle, the driver will have to blow into the device. If the device detects blood alcohol content, then the ignition will not start. These IIDs are also tamper-proof. To prevent other people from blowing into the device and then letting a drunk driver get behind the wheel, the IID will require breath samples at random intervals while the car is on.

While this device cannot stop a vehicle while it is in motion (if it detects blood alcohol content), the device will sound an alarm that will not shut off until the ignition is turned off. The IID will also record any and all events where a driver attempted to drive with a blood alcohol concentration. This log will be monitored and reviewed and will play a part in whether or not the driver gets their license reinstated. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in or near the Phoenix area, then you face the possibility of IID installation. To learn more about this penalty and what our firm can do in your defense, call today.

Arizona Ignition Interlock Law

According to the Arizona Statutes,

Anyone convicted of driving under the influence or extreme influence will be required to install an ignition interlock device on any vehicle they operate.

Drivers may be required by the court to install an IID on their vehicle for over 1 year from the reinstatement of their license or when the conviction report is received, whichever one is later.

Not only does the ignition interlock requirement apply to those convicted of extreme DUI (over .15 percent BAC), but it is also a penalty for regular driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to § 28-1381 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

IIDs and Special Restricted Driver Licenses in Phoenix

An ignition interlock device is a penalty of a drunk driving conviction, but it can also be a way for a convicted drunk driver to get their driving privileges partially restored sooner than they normally would have. In Arizona, drivers convicted of DUIs may be eligible for this restricted driver license if they meet certain qualifications. There are six:

  1. Contacted the Arizona Department of Transportation to confirm eligibility
  2. Driver has no outstanding driver license actions pending
  3. Ignition Interlock Device has been install and "Verification of Installation" form has been obtained
  4. If required, driver complied with mandatory alcohol counseling programs
  5. Proof of future financial responsibility submitted
  6. Paid fees

Contacting a Phoenix DUI Attorney for a FREE Evaluation

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Phoenix, Knowles Law Firm, PLC may be able to help you. Our years of legal experience and our lead attorney's experience as a former Arizona police officer can serve to your benefit. You may have questions about the ignition interlock device and other possible penalties of drunk driving. We encourage you to contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer from our firm directly so that we can evaluate your case and inform you of your options. Initial consultations are free, so call us or fill out our online evaluation form to get started!

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