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Criminal law pertaining to child pornography can be found throughout the nation. There is no place within the country in which possessing or distributing child pornography is considered legal. This, however, has reached new levels with laws that have been established in Arizona. The state now has some of the most ruthless laws associated with this type of crime and law enforcement and prosecutors alike are now relentlessly going after those that they deem to be guilty. If you have been criminally charged with something of this nature, you do not have a moment to lose - contact a heavyweight Phoenix criminal defense lawyer today to begin defending your future.

Defending Against Child Pornography Charges in Phoenix, AZ

In the state of Arizona, if someone is found to be in possession of child pornography, should be creating, distributing or possessing material in which a child is portrayed sexually, they can be charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor. Under §13-3553 of the 2010 Arizona Criminal Code, this can be charged should the defendant willingly and knowingly:

  • Record, film, photograph or duplicate visual content in which a minor is either exhibited in a sexual manner or is portrayed to be carrying out sexual behavior; or
  • Distribute, transport, exhibit, sell, purchase or possess this material

This is considered to be a class 2 felony and is extremely serious under the law. Penalties of this nature are to be punishable as a dangerous crime against children pursuant to §13-705 and will carry extreme, life-altering consequences. These include a minimum of 10 years of incarceration and a 24 year maximum. If they have a predicate felony previous to the current charge, they will be in danger of penalties that include between 21 to 35 years of imprisonment.

Why Hire a Phoenix Sex Crime Lawyer from Our Firm?

When your future is on the line with a sex crime charge of this nature, it is not the time to take a chance with an inexperienced lawyer. You need someone who has the experience necessary to help deal with charges of this severity and someone who will be able to help you protect your legal rights regardless of the complications. You can be confident knowing that you will receive just this should you choose to work with Knowles Law Firm, PLC. Led by their lead attorney, Anthony Knowles, they bring a unique and hard-hitting legal experience to the table that cannot be denied and cannot be imitated.

Mr. Knowles has unique experience in that he is a former police officer and therefore has an intimate understanding of both sides of the law. By working with him, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that you will be given an aggressive and hard-hitting defense. He and his entire team know what you are facing and know the best way to go about defending it.

Even if an acquittal is impossible, you can trust that they will continue fighting, using their vast resources to help you obtain the most desirable outcome possible - even if it seeking to lower and reduce the charges you are facing. From the very beginning of the case until the very end, they will do everything within their power to help you protect your legal rights. You will be able to be confident knowing that you have a hard-hitting heavyweight on your side that is not only invested in the outcome of your case, but in your best interests.

Have you been criminally charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor? Contact a Phoenix criminal defense attorney from our firm today to begin your fight to defend your future.

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