Federal Property Crimes

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What is a Federal Property Crime?

When dealing with a federal charge you are in a difficult legal situation. Any federal property crime conviction can have very serious consequences. Your case will be tried in federal court, which is a completely different court system, with the toughest prosecutors and the entire network of federal investigators to back them up. It is crucial that you contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with or being investigated for a federal property crime.

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A federal property crime is generally a crime that takes place on any federal property such as a post office, military facility, park or other federally owned property. If any theft takes place on federal property, you will be charged with a federal property crime. In such cases, you need the immediate assistance of an experienced attorney that has dealt with federal court. Attorney Anthony Knowles has long experience in defending federal property crimes and would like to discuss your case with you and determine what can be done to defend you in your case. The review and evaluation of your charge needs to begin immediately after your arrest. A charge with a federal crime is a situation that demands immediate attention from an experienced defense lawyer.

At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, the attorneys have fought successfully in Federal Court and are familiar with the procedures of that system. In many cases, with a thorough review of the charges against the client, the arrest procedures and the evidence collected, it is found that errors were made and the charges have been dismissed. In other more difficult cases, Attorney Anthony Knowles, a skilled negotiator, has had the charges reduced and the client facing probation only. As each case is completely unique it is strongly advised that you contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC immediately to determine what can be done in your case. You need a powerful defense lawyer that is skilled in dealing with federal offenses, including burglary, theft, larceny, shoplifting or any other alleged crime that took place on federal property.

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