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The most basic of bank fraud charges is the passing of bad checks. Arizona has a Bank Fraud Task Force (BFTF) that’s sole purpose is to find and convict those who are perpetrating bank fraud. If you have been charged with bank fraud, you are in some serious legal trouble. This charge is a federal crime, and as such, will be tried in Federal Court. If you have been charged with bank fraud, it is vital that you contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer immediately. There are many types of bank fraud crimes, all with varying degrees of penalties. Most include prison time as well as steep fines.

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If false information is given to a bank, this is a form of bank fraud. Check kiting, fake cashier’s checks, false employment or income information, and other types of false information on signed documents. The BFTF has pulled resources from other areas of government to investigate those who they suspect of bank fraud. There is much attention by federal law enforcement to find and convict anyone who commits bank fraud. The real estate crashes as well as the mortgages issued recently have come under close scrutiny by investigators. Any person who has been found to have signed a document given to a bank with false information on it can be charged with bank fraud, a federal offense.

When facing such a federal crime charge, or being investigated with the threat of an arrest for bank fraud, it is absolutely crucial that you contact that Knowles Law Firm, PLC immediately. Your future is at stake when you are charged in the federal system with this very serious charge. Do not attempt to face such charges without a skilled criminal defense attorney who is familiar with bank fraud charges and the federal system. Have your case evaluated by Attorney Anthony Knowles without delay if you are facing this charge. When you are charged with a federal crime, you have the entire network of federal investigators working to support the prosecution and find evidence to prove your guilt. You need someone to fight for you and to work to defense you from this very serious charge, and to increase the chances of a good outcome in your case.

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