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Antitrust laws are federal laws that were enacted to protect consumers from such things as price fixing, rigging bids, and allocating customers. The charges will be tried in a federal court. Such charges are extremely serious and if you have been charged with this crime, it serves your best interests to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Competition and the free market system is protected by federal laws. This means that mergers above a certain size must be cleared by federal agencies. The purpose would be to protect consumers from monopolies wherein there is no competition and the consumer has no choice but to pay what the organization charges for the service or item.

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American consumers have come to expect the free market system that gives them the opportunity to find the “best deal” on any item or service. This competitive marketplace has become part of the American way, and is actually protected by certain laws. If the consumer suspects that prices are being fixed, they are asked to report to law enforcement. These charges can then be brought forth against you, and a conviction can have very severe penalties. Rigging bids is another illegal activity in which companies agree on what the bids on a certain service will be and conspire to keep prices above a certain level. If you have been charged with any antitrust violation, it is crucial to contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC and talk to an attorney to advise you of what can be done in your defense.

Arizona Federal Attorney Anthony Knowles is a highly qualified and experienced defense lawyer, dedicated to aggressively defending clients. The experience in federal court and in these specific charges is what is needed if you have been arrested on any antitrust violation. You face the investigation resources of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. These are top-notch investigators and they will be determined to get a conviction in your case. You must be protected by a powerful, dedicated criminal defense attorney in any such case. Contact a Phoenix federal criminal defense attorney at Knowles Law Firm, PLC and receive a free consultation today.

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