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Have You Been Arrested for Drug Trafficking?

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, the state of Arizona is considered to be national-level center for the distribution of controlled substances - mostly due to the large, shared Southern border with Mexico. For this reason, law enforcement is on high alert for to catch those they assume guilty of this federal crime. By using such tools as Operation Pipeline and Operation Jetway, state, federal and local law enforcement agencies hope to crack down on drugs that are trafficked through not only highways, but through airways and even by the way of train.

Avoid the Severe Penalties of a Drug Crime

Legally speaking, drug trafficking refers to the selling and transportation of controlled substances throughout the United States. As this is often a drug crime that crosses state borders, it is commonly considered to be a federal crime, although it is addressed by both the state and federal law. If you have recently been criminally charged, you simply cannot afford to hesitate. These are serious charges and they deserve an equally serious defense - you need someone who you will be able to trust to help you protect your legal rights.

There are many things that police officers will use in their attempts to find people that they believe are guilty of this crime. This includes looking for rental cars and even making subjective judgments such as looking for people that they believe to be nervous. This can lead to people being pulled over and searched who have done nothing wrong.

It can also lead to unlawful search and seizures, which are violation of a person's constitutional rights. If you have recently been violated in such a manner, it is highly encouraged that you do not hesitate to get the involvement of a Phoenix drug crime attorney that you can trust to help you protect your best interests.

Building a Strategic Defense: Phoenix Criminal Lawyers

Arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking? Don't leave your future up to the prosecutors and instead, even the playing field by contacting a Phoenix drug defense lawyer at Knowles Law Firm, PLC. Over the years, they have proven to be successful advocates for the rights of the accused and have been able to help their clients defend their best interests even in high stakes situations.

Should you choose to contact them, you will be able to rest assured knowing that they will do everything that they can to help you defend your rights. The sooner that you pick up the phone or fill out the case evaluation form the sooner that they will be able to help you start fighting for the resolution of your case.

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