Accused of Harassment in Phoenix?

Harassment in Domestic Violence Cases

Harassment is a serious criminal charge and is often charged as a felony. It is the charge that will be filed against an individual who is accused of doing acts with the purpose of alarming, annoying or harassing a family member, ex-partner or other domestic partner - often it is in relation to domestic violence cases. The charge could come about when an individual is trying to communicate with the ex-partner about child care issues, retrieving their personal items from a former shared home, or other situation.

However, once you are charged with the crime, you will be forced to defend yourself whether your actions were legitimate or not. This offense requires a skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to assist the accused. The Knowles Law Firm, PLC legal team has years of experience in the defense of harassment charges and a criminal defense lawyer from the firm would like to review and evaluate your case as quickly after the arrest as possible.

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Dealing with criminal charges is frightening, from the moment of the arrest. Being taken to the police station, booked, fingerprinted and treated as a criminal puts most individuals into an extreme state of stress and worry. Unfortunately, in harassment charges, this is only the beginning of what could be a real nightmare. The legal situation is dire and it is critical that you get legal representation. Defense Attorney Anthony Knowles and the team are prepared to fight for your defense and seek out options to help you avoid conviction on the charge.

The penalties for harassment can vary, depending upon the circumstances of the incident as well as any earlier convictions on your criminal record. For any person who has a prior record, in many cases the penalty is "enhanced," which means you will likely spend a longer time in jail or prison. When dealing with any criminal charge, it is extremely important to have skilled legal representation to protect your rights and to fight for your freedom. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, you can be assured that the legal team will guide you through the legal maze and fight aggressively to defend you, from the moment of the arrest on harassment charges.

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