Colorado Woman Shot After Trespassing While Drunk Into Local Home

Colorado Woman Shot After Trespassing While Drunk Into Local Home

Bad things happen to good people, and it is believed to have happened to 21 year old Zoey Ripple, who in May graduated with high honors from The University of Colorado and days later was arrested for a drunken home trespassing. According to her story, she was out with her friends at a local bar and then traveled to a house party in the neighborhood to celebrate the recent graduation. Unfortunately, everything that happened after that Ripple can’t remember. She recalls being at the house party and the rest of her night is gone, but according to the gun shot in her hip, she drunkenly trespassed in the bedroom of a couple’s home.

Apparently Ripple entered through an unlocked screen door on their property, and when she got into the bedroom the husband shot her in the hip because in Colorado a home owner has the right to protect themselves in a break in under the “Make My Day Law.” At the time of her arrest her blood alcohol concentration level was at .20% which is much higher than the legal limit. Ripple claims that she is so terribly sorry for what happened, and she feels as though she may have been a victim of the date rape drug, which is known for a variety of unfortunate symptoms such as memory loss.

When before the court, she pleaded guilty to her first-degree trespassing charges acknowledging that she was there, though she has no idea why. The judge ruled that her sentence would be deferred as long has she has no more interactions with the law within the next 18 months and she is required to enter an alcohol treatment program as well. Ripple states that since that incident she has not consumed alcohol, nor will she ever again because under the influence bad things can happen, and she realizes that.

In a situation like Ripples, having a strong defense attorney is so crucial, one who can see the situation and defend properly from whatever angles need to be addressed. In her case, it was the fact that she was not able to remember any details about that night, a good sign that someone may have added a little something to her drink perhaps. If you or someone you know has been in a similar situation, or have been accused of any crime, you have the right to have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side to fight for your innocence. At Knowles Law Firm we will do whatever it takes to defend our clients, and if you are in a bind with the law we want to help you fight too. Call us today to discuss your situation.

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