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Serial Sex Crime Offender Located

Although it took them over a decade to locate the suspect, police in Phoenix, Arizona have finally tracked down the man they believe to be responsible for committing multiple sex crimes. The ...
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Car Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

Have you lost someone you love in a traffic and/or auto accident ? If so, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person/company responsible for the death. Although the ...
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Agent Aided Drug Smuggling

Officers were shocked to learn that a member of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency was helping marijuana smugglers transport goods across the border. Federal agents and the Arizona ...
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Arrest Made in Decades-Old Sex Crime Case

A cold case is starting to warm up again as police in Tucson, Arizona believe they have a suspect wanted for decades-old sex crimes. In 1993, a 93-year-old female patient at an assisted living ...
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Phoenix Officers Catch L.A. Assault Suspects

This week, officers in Maricopa County, Arizona told reporters that they had arrested two men who were wanted in connection with the brutal attack of a male in Los Angeles, California. News sources ...
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Three Men Busted for Credit Card Skimming

Three young men were arrested last week in Lake Havasu City for running a credit-card-skimming ring that has kept officers busy for months. When officers in Lake Havasu first arrested two of the men, ...
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5-Year-Old Hurt during Pedestrian Accident

On September 28 th, news sources in Phoenix, Arizona reported a serious pedestrian accident. According to the sources, a 5-year-old boy was hit by a motor vehicle while he was walking with his mother. ...
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Car Accident Defendant Deported after Serving 12 Years in Prison

This week in the state of Arizona, an illegal immigrant was deported to his native land of Mexico after serving time in jail for causing a major car accident. The crash wounded a police officer who ...
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Major Accident Caused by Dust Storm

A serious dust storm is to blame for the seven-car pileup that happened last week in Arizona. Even though national weather reporters deemed the storm not serious enough to issue a warning, it was ...
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Teenager Arrested for Threatening to Execute School Shooting

Whether it was teenage angst or an actual threat, one young boy was arrested last week for threatening to bring a gun to school. Last week the 14-year-old boy posted comments on a video sharing site ...
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Five Arrested for Human Smuggling in Maricopa County

In Maricopa County, Arizona, local law enforcement agents recently arrested five individuals who entered the country illegally. Prior to the arrests, police had been conducting an investigation in the ...
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One Killed and Another Injured during Motorcycle Accident

This week, police reported that a motorcycle accident that took place at an intersection in the city of Phoenix left a biker dead and one passenger with serious injuries. According to officers, the ...
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$5.9 Million Award Granted in Serious Injury Case

During a volunteer trip to Mexico, a volunteer sustained brain, back and spinal cord injuries after he fell ten feet. At the time of the accident, the man was working with an organization to rebuild ...
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Serial Burglar Caught in Tempe

In Tempe, Arizona, local police finally arrested a 40-year-old man that was linked to a string of residential burglaries. The suspect was detained by police on Saturday at approximately 2:30 AM after ...
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Jet Ski Accident Kills Young Girl

In one state, officers looking into a jet ski accident that took the life of a 10-year-old girl finally released the name of the victim. Police kept the name of the victim from news sources until her ...
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Officers Arrest 6 in Connection with Drug Smuggling Operation

In the state of Arizona, police officers from a local department worked in conjunction with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) to investigate a suspect drug-smuggling operation. ...
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10-Year-Old Victim of Pedestrian Accident

This week in Phoenix, Arizona, officers say that a 10-year-old girl was the victim of a tragic hit-and-run accident. According to witness statements and news reports, the young girl was trying to get ...
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Shooting Takes Place Outside Convenience Store

During early morning hours on Friday, one man was shot outside of a Phoenix area convenience store. Police say that the victim was shot at 12:30 AM while standing in the store's parking lot and ...
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Church Busted for Prostitution

Police officers in Phoenix, Arizona revealed shocking news to media sources in the area this week. According to authorities, a local church was investigated after numerous reports surfaced that the ...
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Suspect Arrested in Drug-Related Murder Case

Police with the homicide department in Glendale, Arizona received a break in a murder case involving a 29-year-old male victim who was killed on August 28 th. Officers say that they were finally able ...
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Motorcyclist Hit and Killed at Intersection

In the city of Phoenix, police were saddened to report that a motorcyclist was hit and killed at a local intersection during evening hours on Monday. According to officers, emergency response crews ...
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Police Nab Suspect Wanted for Sexual Assault and Kidnapping

On Wednesday, police in Phoenix, Arizona told news sources that they had identified and arrested a man that had been wanted for two criminal offenses: kidnapping and sexual assault. Officers say that ...
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Ten Suspects Wanted for Theft Crimes

In Phoenix, Arizona, local law enforcement decided to move forward with a raid to crack down on ten individuals they believed were involved in an identity theft ring. The ten people targeted, ...
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Baby Dies after Being Shook by Father

A disheartening case has been reported by news sources in Phoenix, Arizona. According to reports, a 25-year-old father has been charged with the murder of his 5-month-old daughter. Police told news ...
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Tandem Bike Riders Seriously Injured during Collision

In the state of Arizona, a serious bicycle accident led to the death of a local woman as well as the injuries of a man. The accident occurred when a van crashed into a tandem bicycle and led to the ...
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