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Kidnapping refers to the illegal act of taking or removing another person against his or her will, usually by means of force, violence, or the threat of violence. A person can also be charged with kidnapping for confining, constraining or holding another person against his or her will. If you have been charged with kidnapping, please contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC as soon as possible.

In the past, kidnapping was widely perceived to be a crime that was committed by strangers. Today, however, that is simply not the case. Although there still are kidnapping cases in which the victim does not know the offender, there are even more kidnapping cases where the victim not only knows the offender, but actually has a close relationship to the offender. This is especially true in family situations where only one parent has legal and physical custody a child. Non-custodial parents commit kidnapping out of desperation to see and spend time with their child. In many cases, these parents don’t realize that by taking their child from his or her home without consent from the custodial parent, they are committing the criminal act of kidnapping.

Penalties for Kidnapping in Arizona

Kidnapping is one of the most serious criminal offenses a person can commit and will not be tolerated in any way by state or federal prosecutors. As soon a report has been filed with the police, a full-scale investigation will be launched by both state and federal prosecutors to try and find the victim. Once you have been arrested on kidnapping charges, you will be forced to endure rigorous questioning by both the prosecution and the law enforcement agencies handling the case. If you are convicted on kidnapping charges, you stand to face multiple legal consequences. Kidnapping is a felony criminal offense that can be tried at both the state and federal level. This means a kidnapping conviction is likely to result in long prison sentences, probation, large fines, loss of custodial rights and much more.

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix?

If you are charged with kidnapping, it is absolutely vital that you hire an experienced and skilled Phoenix kidnapping defense attorney right away. Only with the assistance of an exceptionally skilled criminal defense attorney do you have any chance of overcoming the charges and winning your case. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, Attorney Anthony Knowles has years of experience defending clients throughout the Phoenix metro area who have been accused of kidnapping.

Mr. Knowles takes kidnapping cases very seriously, and works tirelessly to prepare a defense case with the ultimate goal to prove his clients’ innocence in the matter. In the courtroom, Mr. Knowles never sits back and lets his clients get burned by the prosecution. He is always at the ready to contest the prosecution’s accusations against his clients, and negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of the charges. Furthermore, Mr. Knowles provides all of his clients with the unrelenting dedication, personalized attention and uncompromising defense they need to enhance their chances of being successful in court.

If you are in need of a reliable and experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to fight your kidnapping charges, please do not hesitate to contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC at (602) 702-5431 or (888) 332-5621. We provide free case evaluations!

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